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Geneafinder is a free and private genealogy site for anyone who wants to develop their family tree.

Our simple and innovative tools save you time
from entering your tree to searching through the archives.

Create or import your family
tree and grow it

Our free tools have no limits or trial period and will remain so.
More advanced tools are offered to you in the form of a paid subscription.

Thousands of online genealogy resources just a click away!

Since it is important for everyone to be able to tell their own story and that of their ancestors, we provide you with many free online resources.

Cheat sheets by department and by country, lists of tools, genealogy printables to download for free, useful blog articles…

So many resources that will help you find your ancestors, discover your family heritage and better organize your search.


Why choose Geneafinder for your genealogy?

Whether you are already familiar with genealogy software or are looking for tools to get started, here are some good reasons to choose Geneafinder.


A 100% French genealogy site

We are Bretons. Our servers are hosted in France, eco-designed and privacy-friendly


Your workspace is protected

Basically, when you create your tree, it is not visible to any other user. Paid services allow you to share your tree with your family, and work as a team to enrich it.


Your genealogy is saved and easily accessible

Hosting your tree is free. You can access it from the Internet and keep a copy of your data on your computer.


The adventure has only just begun...

We develop tools capable of linking your tree to reliable sources and accessing the full wealth of archives. We invest in AI research, putting eco-design at the heart of our choices.

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