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Our mission

Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use genealogy site that lets you explore all the sources that trace the history of your ancestors. Geneafinder's ambition is to help you save time in your research by providing tools and personalized guides. We welcome your questions and feedback to help us improve Geneafinder.

Our values

Integrity - Intelligence - Independence

Geneafinder is a web-based service platform developed by Doptim, aBrittany-based company for passionate genealogists. Our business model is based on a number of free basic services, which remain free for life, and paid subscriptions for more advanced features.

It's important for everyone to be able to tell their own story and that of their ancestors, to share it with others. Geneafinder gives you access to all the useful resources you need. You'll be able to immerse yourself in the daily lives of your ancestors.

Doptim is committed to protecting your genealogical and personal data. Geneafinder is a private site. With a paid subscription, you can create teams of friends and family, distant cousins, neighbors to work on branches of your tree. It's your workspace, and you decide when and with whom to share your research.

Doptim develops tools capable of linking trees to reliable sources of information. We invest in research projects to provide full access to the wealth of information contained in archives. of information contained in archives. We work on AI, frugal and sovereign digital technologies.

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